*NEW MUSIC “Free Alone” On SoundCloud


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Here is your present from MySoul it is a sad but beautiful song about Freedom !! We wish you all love and happiness in this new year! Cherish and Live your life! share your heart and soul with more people look forward not back and remember we are never EVER alone…

Disashi Soul and Bluejay Soul

P.s. This first sneak peak post is for everyone we love you know who you are!!


April News

Hey everybody this is Bluejay… just want to let you know we are in the process of moving across the country even so we are planning a little MySoul photo shoot for this up coming week… with Denver photographer Minerva … YES We are getting things done slowly… but at least we are getting them done… Also we are hoping to have our debut album out this summer… some new merch and possibly some live shows … Mean while go join our Community message board!! Stay Tuned for more info … 



MARCH 2, 2013

Welcome we have posted music clips for two of our demos “Broken” and “Come Get Your Love” on our Music page. CHECK them out!! Keep in mind we already have many songs but we have crazy lives and it might take awhile for everything to really get moving BUT we want you along for the ride. This website is up and functioning.. There will be more updates here on our Band News page, and soon we will have our own message board for the MySoul community to hang out! We will be posting more music, pictures, videos, etc.  And of course in the future we would love for you to buy the album and some of the sweet merchandise we will be offering as well…  Thank you for being a part of our website launch and feel free to listen to our little music teasers over and over ;-)



MARCH 1, 2013

MySoulmusic.net is now LIVE!